Whale Submarine Maldives, Experience the underwater paradise

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With 99% of Maldives covered in water, the real paradise and beauty is underwater. If you are not a diver and would like experience this paradise, then Whale submarine dive is perfect for you.

Whale Submarine is one of the most advanced passenger tourist submarines in the world. It takes you on a cruise through an underwater garden filled with tropical fish. The 45 minute cruise has two stops. The first stop is at 25 meters where you will be greeted with a colorful display of corals and different types of reef fish. Next stop at 40 meters is yet another type of coral garden and depending on current the submarine will be beached on a sandy spot just close to a big cave. The exterior lights of the submarine will enable you to see the different types of fish taking shelter inside the cave. Occasionally White Tip Reef Sharks and Napoleons are sighted here. What makes this trip unique is that you also get to watch divers interact with the various marine life around the submarine, feeding and playing with them.

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